Referral Master Tip # 52: SPECIAL GUEST TIP from Page 67 of

How to make GroupOn actually work for you…

Maybe you have wondered if something like Groupon is something that you might like to use, but have heard stories about how businesses that do use them get a sudden rush of customers, but then they never come back again for a second appointment. Most customers don’t go back because they have simply forgotten about the business they went to. What you need is to give them a reminder about their experience and a reason to come back.


What almost all of these businesses are not doing is capturing the information about who is coming in, when they came in, what services they used and then using this information to encourage them to come back again and again, by marketing back to them. This is a big mistake and this is where you can really help to make those customers stick around and keep coming back to you for years, especially if you have a system, which will automatically do all this remarketing for you.

However here’s a longer tip, which there wasn’t space for in the book itself:

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