1. Reduce no-shows

    You know of course that no-shows are a BIG problem for appointment-based businesses. And one of the main causes are because customers simply forget to turn up! With DiaryBooker, you can motivate your client to keep their commitment through automated text messages that get sent at 7pm, two days before their appointment.

    “My customers love the text message reminders and it means I have very few missed appointments”.   Jan – Goya Nails

  2. Take appointments online – 24/7

    With DiaryBooker you remove the need to physically book an appointment yourself (although of course you can). Instead, clients and customers can access your schedule via your personalised URL (e.g. www.diarybooker.com/yourcompanyname) and book themselves in. You’ll save time trawling through your diary to figure out a mutually convenient slot. PLUS, because your diary is open when you are closed, your bookings could increase.

    “I now have people booking appointments over the weekend. I come in on Monday and find a bunch of appointments have been added without me having to do anything!” Chris – H20 Hair Designs

  3. It’s perfect for a small business like yours

    Whether you work alone or employ a small team, if you work from a static location with a reliable Internet connection, you can use DiaryBooker. In fact, once you start using it, you’ll wonder why you hung onto your pen and paper for so long!

  4. Boost your profits

    DiaryBooker’s simple text marketing functionality is there to help you communicate with your customers. Whether you want to promote a special offer, launch a new service or simply wish a valued customer “happy birthday”, DiaryBooker makes it cheap and easy to tell your clients via their phone.

  5. Get increased visibility of what’s really happening inside your business

    DiaryBooker enables you to monitor your client booking patterns and gives you the information you need to influence the lag between appointments. No guesswork, just easily accessible information that you can use to nurture and grow your business.

  6. Increase your efficiency and free up your time

    Honestly Inputting appointments onto DiaryBooker is much faster than pen and paper. That’s because its predictive function automatically recognises existing clients, it’s quick to navigate between dates and really easy to find a day “6 weeks from today”. Plus it’s super easy to add new client and new services as you go rather than having to load them all up in advance.

  7. It’s so cost-effective – it could pay for itself

    DiaryBooker is aimed at very small businesses and is NOT expensive. It costs from as little as 33p per day (including automated texts) and you can choose a pricing plan that’s suitable for your business. There’s even a Pay As You Go (PAYG) option – get DiaryBooker functionality for FREE and pay just 20p for each text that you send.

  8. Be up and running in minutes

    DiaryBooker is intuitive, user friendly and super easy to use. In fact, you probably don’t even need any training to get going (although it’s available for free should you want it).

  9. It’s safe, secure and accessible from anywhere

    DiaryBooker is located in the cloud and accessible via your chosen password (just like Facebook, online banking or Gmail). It’s NOT stored locally on your computer and so you have complete flexibility. Feel free to access your schedule from your holiday villa and stop worrying about losing your diary. And should your computer crash – you can relax knowing all your important data is safely and securely backed up on dedicated DiaryBooker sections of the Google servers.

    “I can’t believe how easy it is to use. I was up and running and started booking people in minutes. SO many other systems require setting up and training before you can use them. DiaryBooker is nothing like that and the support from the team has been excellent”.   Sarah – H2O Hair Design

  10. Enjoy warm, friendly customer service that makes the technical transition effortless

    If you’re a little nervous about switching, you’re in safe hands. You will find us extremely friendly and approachable. We promise no technobabble and there’s no such thing as a silly question. In fact, our aim is that you’ll love DiaryBooker so much; you couldn’t imagine your business without it.

    “It was great to talk to a human being and have some adjustments made to make the system work the way I needed”. Katy Blakes Driving School

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