Recently I was asked this question by my local FSB advisor and I have been asked similar questions in the past but not as often as I would imagine, so i thought its likely to be one of those questions that you might be thinking, but may not actually ask out loud.

Generally speaking this question comes about because you have not had a chance to experience how much better and faster DiaryBooker can be compared to using these other “standard” tools and generally you feel that the current tools are using are sufficient and are doing the job OK and there doesn’t really appear to be any reason to change to something new and something that might appear to be a bit scary.

What our current customers have found though is that the best thing to do is to run DiaryBooker alongside their current system and usually it is not long before I get that fantastic call when they let me know that their existing system is slowing them down and they have now stopped using it. For me this was the breakthrough moment that I talk about on our About Us page, but also it was a monumental moment when one of my Bridalwear customers tweeted about how DiaryBooker had saved them 16 hours of work after they attended the National Bridal Show.

You see, the thing about DiaryBooker is that it takes all the effort and hassle out of booking appointments, even if you don’t see what you are currently doing as effort and hassle.

Imagine for a second that a new client has come into your business and wants to make an appointment in a couple of weeks time, with a manual system (like paper/google/outlook/iCal) you have to write or type their whole name, phone number, what service you are providing and then remember and block out a section of time (eg 30 mins) for that appointment. You then might write out an appointment card for them, and then a day or so before the appointment you need to remember to send them a text or call them to remind them about the appointment, otherwise they may well forget!

When they come in for that appointment and then want to book a second appointment in say 6 weeks time, you then have to go through the whole process again in exactly the same way, what’s more when they come in the next time, do you have a note of when they last came in, what they had done, how they had their tea etc?

With DiaryBooker, it’s true that the first time that customer arrives, you do have a similar process, in that you have to put their name and phone number in, but most of the time the service will already be in the system, so that won’t need duplicating. The customer can also be sent a text message immediately instead of you having to write out an appointment card, and then a day or so before the next appointment DiaryBooker will automatically send a reminder text, so that you don’t have to. When that person then wants to book their next appointment, because their details are already stored in DiaryBooker, as are the details about the service they had, it can then be just a couple of button pushes to enter that information in again, rather than duplicating the work each time.

There is no long winded initial setup or costs required with DiaryBooker, you can be up and running within a couple of minutes and booking clients alongside your current system straight away. Before you know it you will stop using your old system and you will be saving yourself loads of time and effort all day every day, making your life simpler, easier and more cost effective.

Monthly prices start at just £10 and we have a 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee!