Feb 2016 – Graduate Square – Lovers of the letter B

QR codes are a waste of time and space when it is so easy to create a placeholder page like this for people who love the letter “B”

John V Denley

Founder, DiaryBooker.com

Friendly Customer Service

A good attitude towards your customers costs absolutely nothing and can reap huge benefits. How are YOUR staff greeting your customers? Is it with a cheery smile and a friendly good morning/afternoon? Find out how my bus driver today taught me a valuable lesson…

How much is your data worth to you?

How much is your data worth to you?

Back in October 2012 I dropped my laptop and I lost EVERYTHING that was on there, including some pretty vital business files. I sent it off to two different data recovery companies. You know the kind that the police use to recover data from crime scenes! However,...

Making Groupon work for you

Making Groupon work for you

Referral Master Tip # 52: SPECIAL GUEST TIP from Page 67 of How to make GroupOn actually work for you... Maybe you have wondered if something like Groupon is something that you might like to use, but have heard stories about how businesses that do use them get a...

Our Story: DiaryBooker

Back in 2009 a hairdresser friend of mine told me about how someone had come into his salon and tried to sell him a booking system for a silly amount per month. He went on to ask me if I could create something that does the same job for less! I thought about it for...